In 1999 the retail sales of natural supplements (vitamins, minerals & herbs) exceeded $7 billion USD in the United States alone. However, in the absence of the launch of a new and innovative "market leading" natural supplement, combined with a shift in the market toward "generic" pricing, only single-digit growth prevailed in this market segment.

In a market that is beginning to emphasize "generic" pricing over quality and value, many industry experts agree that product innovation, differentiation and education remain key factors to sustain growth in the natural supplement industry and restore a "value hierarchy" in the minds of consumers and patients.

The mandate of Ultracare Laboratories Inc. is to research and develop innovative and superior nutraceutical liquid formulations that enhance the potency, efficacy, and therefore the quality, of natural vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements available in the market place.

Through true product innovation and differentiation we provide our strategic partners with the market leverage required to secure a position of leadership in the natural supplement product category.

Recently, Ultracare has introduced the initial product offerings of a line of brand name syngenic and private label all natural supplement formulations in a unique liquid delivery system.

Through extensive research and development our liquid delivery system has been designed to address both the scientific and practical needs of not only the young and ever growing aging segment of the population, but all consumers or patients wishing to benefit from enhanced product effectiveness and improved patient/consumer compliance.

All of our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art G.M.P. licensed manufacturing facility.

All Ultracare liquid formulations contain a synergistic combination of the highest quality herbal and nutraceutical components at the recommended effective dose.

We conduct sophisticated research and third party testing on all of our products to ensure that " what is in on our label, is in our product". This is why we guarantee the quality, potency and purity of all of our products.

Our service to you expands beyond the reputation of excellence that we have established for innovative nutraceutical research, development and state-of-the-art manufacturing. To assist you in your efforts to establish a position of leadership in your market niche, whether you chose a brand or private label initiative, we also provide our insight and experience in the natural supplement market. This experience includes data and knowledge pertaining to market trends, general and product specific education programs and scientific support materials as well as the most creative, leading edge packaging styles and designs in the market place.

A strategic partnership with Ultracare Laboratories will provide your company with a sustained "value for money" leverage in the nutraceutical market.

Superior Liquid Nutraceuticals

Ultracare's mandate is to research and develop innovative and unique nutraceutical liquid formulations that enhance the potency, efficacy and therefore the quality of natural vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements available within the marketplace.

Our approach to "true" product innovation speaks to scientific parameters such as nutritional and or therapeutic components, concentrations, delivery systems and corresponding dosage regimens. At Ultracare, product innovation and differentiation also addresses the practical issues that will affect the degree of consumer or patient acceptance of our supplements over the long term.

Clinical research has clearly demonstrated that a large number of patients/consumers have difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules. This is especially true when considering vitamin and mineral supplements for the young and aging populous. A liquid delivery system enhances patient/consumer acceptance of a nutritional supplement. As such, in our formulations a "full therapeutic dose" or combinations of nutrients can be introduced into our products without compromising the patient's/consumer's ability to swallow the supplement.

A liquid delivery system also provides enhanced absorption and bio-availability of each nutrient contained within a product formulation. This delivery system is particularly important when considering the needs of a consumer or patient who has a compromised or underdeveloped digestive system (e.g. aging population and young children) or where there is the possibility that specific foods, beverages and or drugs may diminish the absorption of a supplement.

However, a liquid delivery system alone is not enough.

Through extensive research and development we have perfected superior liquid formulations by utilizing the ionic and natural form of each nutrient. Not only does this further enhance the bio-availability and potency of each nutrient, it also provides for greater product stability and reliable dosing regimens. In addition, by utilizing the ionic form of each nutrient the liquid remains in a clear, stable and pH balanced solution. Research has shown that the physical characteristics of a product are important parameters that significantly affect long term patient/consumer acceptability of a liquid formulation. Product stability speaks to a longer shelf life and negates the need to refrigerate our liquid supplements. This is of particular practical importance to retailers and patients/consumers.

All Ultracare formulations contain a synergistic combination of nutrient components at the recommended "therapeutic dose". This provides the patient/consumer with a single formulation that has been specifically designed to address relevant nutritional requirements for a specific clinical purpose. As a result, the number of single products required to address one health issue is diminished. This further enhances patient/consumer compliance and can decrease the overall cost of nutritional supplementation.

Enhanced potency, synergy and bio-availability also provide the patient/consumer with greater "therapeutic" value for the quantity of product purchased. That is to say, the consumer will not have to pay for 1000 mg of "Product X" to actually receive the therapeutic equivalent dose of 500mg in their body.

Finally, patient/consumer acceptability of a liquid supplement always comes down to taste. The taste of a liquid supplement will have a powerful impact on long term repeat purchases. All Ultracare liquid formulations have been flavored with organic fruit juice. In taste tests performed with patients and consumers, the taste of all of our formulations have met or surpassed expectations. In all cases the response was in favor of extended brand loyalty.


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